Magento 2 Developer Screencasts

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What is it? is a library of screencasts on Magento 2 development. The videos can be used as a reference or watched in order.
The service will be financed through subscriptions.
The screencasts will cover the framework and select modules.
The recordings are created by Vinai Kopp and other well known, experienced Magento developers.

Why use it?

If saves a developer only 30 minutes a month, the savings already will have paid for the subscription. Our hope is it will save much more time than that.
Another purpose of is to serve as a training tool to get new hires up to speed quickly.

When will it be ready?

We are aiming to launch in December.
We hope to cover all the fundamentals by the end of the year. Until that time subscriptions will be available at a reduced rate.
If you subscribe early, you will be able to keep the reduced subscription rate, even after the prices for new subscriptions go up!

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